Hutzler Riding Instruction


Lessons and Showing

Lesson Types

All beginner lessons are done privately, meaning the student has a one-on-one lesson with the instructor. Group lessons are offered based upon the student's riding ability and if a group is available. It is recommended that the student arrive half an hour before the scheduled lesson time in order to groom and tack up.

New students with previous experience will begin with an evaluation lesson where horse management and riding skills will be assessed. Evaluation lessons are at standard costs.

Beginner lessons are perfect for all ages. Students will learn the fundamentals of horse care and riding in order to establish independence and confidence when working with horses. Students will learn how to catch, groom, and tack up a horse. Lessons begin on the lunge line until the student is capable of handling the reins. Basic dressage and hunter/jumper training is also offered depending on the student's interests. Lessons are one hour and occur once a week.

Resuming lessons are for riders who are capable of handling and riding horses safely and independently. These lessons may include brief work on the lunge line, although riding will primarily be independent. Students interested in increasing stamina or resuming training in the English discipline will benefit from these lessons. Proper riding attire required. Lessons are one hour and occur once a week.

Riding lessons may be done at the Ki-lin Stables facility or at your place at the same rates. Traveling incurs a gas cost that is calculated based on miles traveled.

Group lessons will start promptly to guarantee all riders sufficient riding and instruction time. Riders should arrive before their scheduled times in order to groom and tack up. 

All lessons follow a lesson plan that is adjusted to the rider's abilities. 


Leasing includes extra riding time and lessons. Students who lease have access to the specified horse for two to three extra riding sessions during the week in addition to one riding lesson per week. If the month runs long, the leasing student will have five lessons that month following the one lesson per week agreement.

Lesson duration: 1 hour

Showing and Show Team

Students who are capable and ready to show will be invited to groom at two upcoming shows. Once this requirement is fulfilled, the student may be asked to ride in a show if he or she is ready and capable. Showing requires a financial commitment, and students who are ready and prepared to commit to showing should be taking lessons on a regular basis. It is recommended that the student lease or own a horse, though it is not required. Those who are prepared to show may be invited to join the Ki-lin Stables show team.


Individual Lessons:

$40 per 1 hour lesson

Group Lessons:

$40 per 1 1/2 hour lesson




Riding helmets are required and provided by the facility. Shoes with heels are required. For those committed to the sport, purchasing a riding helmet, jodhpurs or breeches, and paddock boots or tall boots are recommended.

Lesson Policies:

Packaged lessons must be paid for by the 10th of the month. A late fee of $25 will be incurred for every week payment is late. Missed lessons cannot be made up, and a $25 no-show fee will be charged. A 24-hour notice is required for lessons that need to be canceled or rescheduled, and these lessons must be made up within the month.